Erika Frost


Fresh Talent Level Stylist

Nail Technician

Makeup Artist

Brazilian Blowout Ceritifed

There is no denying that Erika has a found her niche in the beauty industry. Her incredible level of creativity when it comes to achieving different looks is not only a "job" to her, but a talent and hobby. Being in the beauty industry herself, her mother played an incredible role in inspiring Erika to shoot for the moon and has helped her in making her dreams as a stylist a reality. Erika is a recent graduate of the cosmetology program taught at the Burton Center for Arts and Technology and has fallen in love thus far with every part of her journey and experience. Erika loves to combine style with beauty and fashion; helping clients to choose fresh styles that are both current and comfortable. Always knowing the latest trends before they hit the streets makes her such a natural born stylist and keeps her in high demand for special occasion styling/updo's here at Les Cheveux.