Rising Star & Fresh Talent

Hair Stylists are typically kinesthetic learners. Meaning they must do, to learn. The best way for our Rising Star apprentices and our newly licensed Fresh Talent to become better at their craft is by allowing them as many opportunities as possible to provide services. This is why we’ve created our mentorship program. When you book an appointment with a Rising Star or Fresh Talent Stylist, you allow these 'new to the industry' professionals to develop their skills. They are given extra support and assistance from Designers, Artists, and Master Artists who have the experience and knowledge to help them develop their skills and talents.  Our new talent welcomes the opportunity of learning from feedback and the experience of creating from beginning to end.

Designer Stylist

Designer Stylists have made it through the first few years out of school or apprenticeship and are able to guide themselves through basic cuts and colors.  They are in the next phase of their learning career and have moved on to more complicated cuts and color.  They have worked to evolve their communication skills as well as progressed towards a deeper knowledge of product use.  They may not be completely self-reliant with complex coloring applications or cutting techniques but know how to ask the appropriate questions to get a phenomenal result.  They will be guided by our Artists and Master Artists to gain experience which comes from time behind the chair along with our advanced education classes.  If you are someone who’s compassionate to grow with your stylist, then a  Designer Stylist may be the best fit for you.


Artists have gained experience behind the chair and are well equipped to offer product recommendations. Their communication skills have been developed and they’ll be able to offer better options for more complex hair coloring applications. They’re consistently attending advanced education classes and are implementing advanced cutting techniques to their haircuts. They recognize and have gained experience working with unique curl patterns, resistant grey hair colors, those who have sensitive skin, and those who feel their hair is unruly or hard to style. If you’re looking for an advanced Hair Stylist, then an Artist may be the best fit for you.

Master Artist

Master Artists are the elite in their craft. They are going to implement advanced hair-cutting and coloring techniques that are custom to each guest. They travel to advanced education classes and will bring this knowledge back to their team. They not only offer education to the Rising Star and Fresh Talent stylists, but are going to offer education to their guests as well. There won’t be many color challenges they haven’t faced as they’ve had years of experience behind the chair. If you’re seeking phenomenal communication, superior hair care action plans, which includes advice on upkeep (in salon and at home), and the best advice on product use and styling then a Master Stylist should be your choice!